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Baby Asked to Go Potty (8 mo)

Baby Asked to Go Potty (8 mo)  by April Rowen

Yesterday, my eight-month-and-something old daughter looked up at me from her stroller and said, "Uh! Uh!" The three of us (being hubby, baby and me) were out romping Woodland Park Zoo. I did a mental check-list:

Hungry? Check.

Hot? Cold? Double-check.

Did she want out of the stroller? No, she seemed content. Hmm.. That left only one thing.

We both stopped, somewhere between Gorillas and an animal I never knew existed on God's green earth, and hunched over the stroller, waiting to see if she would 'talk' again.

After a few more impatient 'uh's', followed by an increasing frowny-face, I grabbed the stroller and beat a quick path to the nearest restroom. Claiming the handicapped stall (which I've found is mostly used by mom's), I dug out wipies and a fresh diaper. I squatted baby over the huge toilet, careful to keep her bum - and hands - from touching the seat. (How I do this with only two hands, only our Good Lord knows.)

She immediately giggled, squaled, then relieved herself, still smiling. I cleaned her up, then reached for a new diaper. But I didn't need it - her old diaper was still dry. 


We both left the bathroom, squealing and giggling.


I've thought many times about whether to blog about infant potty training. I've had lots of friends and friends-of-friends ask for advice. But yesterday, when baby flashed me those baby blues and left no-doubt about what she wanted and left mama with a dry diaper to re-use... let's just say that sealed the deal. 

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