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What if Instead of Monkeys...?

What if Instead of Monkeys...?   by April Rowen (and Genesis)

Once Upon a Time...

In a land far, far away, and in a forgotten time, there was a perfect world. It was perfect, because it was created by Love.

Perhaps Love looked like a wizened old man, or a cheery Santa Clause, or a plump Grandma carrying oven mitts and cookies... however Love looked, the world was created in Love, by Love, and for Love.

Love created a world so perfect, that instead of rain, lovely mists sprang from the ground. Everywhere sparkled pools of water, forming waterfalls beyond imagination, all fed by underground springs and the Four Great Rivers.

Love created a world so perfect, that instead of  harsh direct sunlight, and gloomy clouds, and blizzards, there was a canopy that surrounded this beautiful world. It created a perfect greenhouse effect, thus enabling incredibly huge and hearty plants, animals and people. They were the epitome of health. The oxygen of the planet was deep and rich, enabling the huge people and their animals to run unending miles. At night, the canopy reflected the moon and planets and stars, making space larger than life. It softened the burning sun, turning the skies pink, and bathing the world in a perpetual sunrise/sunset glow. 

Love created a world so perfect, that all the animals were tame and gentle, existing for simple joy, companionship, and to lend a hoof, or paw, when needed. They weren't wild and untamed, and they weren't endangered. Countless myriads of different animals existed that we can only imagine today. The perfect environment enabled all the species of every kind of animal to peacefully exist.

Love created a world so perfect, that the people didn't have to eat the animals. Instead, the people were able to be completely nourished from the vast multitude of differing plant.

Love created a world so perfect, there were no weeds, no thistles, no burrs, no foxtails... In fact, there weren't normal things like famine, drought, or even seasons... there was just one perfect gardening day after the next... all of the planet just waiting for care and stewardship.

Love created a world so perfect, that the people would live forever. So would their children. And their children's children... There would never be sickness, disease, drama, struggle. But there would be lots of fellowship, laughter, sharing, singing, delighting, discovering, gardening....

Love's favorite time of day was in the evenings when Love walked with the people. How Love would sing over them! How the people loved Love!

The only thing Love wanted was love.

Love showed ultimate love in giving the people free choice -- a single tree that had very special fruit on it. If eaten, the fruit allowed evil into the world by giving the people knowledge of evils existence. Love's only request was that the people not eat of this tree. It was forbidden; it would cause ruin and destruction on the people. But Love had to create the tree so that the people would have free will.

For a glorious, unforgettable time, Love walked with the people and delighted in their delight. 

But the people became deceived. It happened for only a moment -- they forgot how very much they were loved. They wanted more.

And so, they broke the one rule Love had given them. They ate the fruit.

And with that bite, the perfect world was changed;

  • Self entered.
  • Lust entered.
  • Greed entered.
  • Murder entered.
  • Despair entered.

Love knew the people's hearts wouldn't be able to endure the hardship of their sin-filled lives. And so, because Love adored them, the people's years were mercifully shortened and they became mortal. Death entered. With time, the people's lives became shorter and shorter, until they numbered no more than 122 years.

Because Love adored them, and because the people's sinful hearts would consume them with time, Love gave the land new rules: The planet was to grow weeds and thistles and burrs and have to be worked. This would see that mankind must work and not be solely bent on self and power and destruction.

Because Love adored them, and because the people's evil hearts would take advantage of good things, Love changed the animals, too; He took away the animals trusting, helpful nature, and let them become wild and dangerous, that they might better survive man's evil ways.

Because Love adored them, Love gave the people trial in caring for their families and bearing children, lest they become too consumed with their evil ways.

Years Later...

when the entire world was filled with evil men, so evil they filled Love's heart to mourning and regret of their creation, Love loosened the canopy over the world, and the deep springs underneath, and filled the sinful world with cleansing water. It ripped apart nations, continents, man and animal. It changed the atmosphere, it rocked the world on it's axis, it created seasons, it created deep valleys and high mountains. Gone went the greenhouse effect -- forever more would all of creation be short, stubby, small, weak. The sun would burn, the snow would freeze, the ground would crack, and the atmosphere, now only held together by Love's hands, would cry.

As for the animals... Love knew the people would no longer be able to stay alive without the use of animals to rebuild civilizations and nutrition. He gave the people new instructions; they were to eat the animals.

The plants would never be the same; the animals would never be the same; the planet had been first cursed, and now ripped apart.

Her days began ticking down. 


we use the fossil fuels from the flood to power our houses, our cities, our cars. 

Today, we observe the Grand Canyon, the North Pole and her vast, mysterious forests surrounded by miles and miles of snow and ice, unexplainable fossils and animals and plants that looked as if they 'suddenly died without warning', pyramids -- and we wonder, what happened? How can that be? We find bones from humans who walked with dinosaurs, humans too big to imagine. We see wonders that humans did long ago, things we can't begin to understand.

'What if...?' tickles our hearts.

What if...

people were bigger, better, stronger, smarter, healthier back then? What if we are de-evolving now? What if we are cursed, and we're at the tail-end of that curse, not near the beginning? What if we are part of a long, unfolding story -- the ultimate love story?

What if we were intentionally created out of sheer love, and delighted in, and then we goofed it up, and somehow Love made up a plan to redeem us back? And what if that plan already has been set in motion, and all we have to do... 


receive Love? and share Love? and show Love?

And what if instead of coming from monkeys, we simply hung out with the monkeys and did swinging challenges?

What if?

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