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Welcome! I'm April Rowen.

I once read about women in other countries who squat babies over holes in the ground or over buckets. Since a visit to anywhere besides here is on the back-burner and I've never actually witnessed such a thing, I decided to wing it with my modern day pourty potty and write about my adventures. Potty training babies -- brilliant!

B-u-u-u-t writing about poo and buckets isn't as exciting as it sounds and I now write about all things parenting.

I write to pulverize fear. I write to encouage and empower. 

I have committed to posting twice a week. In good times and bad, in sickness and health, sleep deprived or more sleep deprived, I will post twice a week, let this commitment be so made, laminated and hung on the fridge. 

Book Projects


Oh, you want me to expound? That's kinda scary...Well, I'm working on several different projects. The first will be an independently published e-book (surprisingly titled, "Infant VS Toilet") and is all things infant potty training. 

Yes, my first book is about poo. I'm not sure how I feel about this. My hopefully realistic personal deadline for the release of this book is November 15th, 2013 just kidding, having babies and editting and blogging slowed me down a bit, so how about March 2015 instead? and will be launched from here. (I'll set up a special page just for the book. It will be shiny and really exciting, whee!)

Why infant potty training, you ask?

  • Nobody really knows about it.

  • It's just crazy enough to make an interesting read.

  • It was really fun to write.

  • The only material out there takes itself too seriously.

  • Other resources ask you to pay for more info. (Spoiler-alert: Squat baby over a bucket.)

  • I have experience and friends want advice.

  • The experience of writing a book, publishing, and...making a bag of money?

Help Wanted

  • Guest writers. Yes, you! I'd love to have you write on my blog once in a while. (That way I can take a Hawaiian trip, c'mon now.)

  • Tech-savvy people. This blog could be better! But you might have to work for free, except for some of my amazing banana-chocolate-chip-muffins. (Yes, I said free. I'm a writer. I eat rice and beans. I need help because I Don't.Do.Techy.Things. Ever. I'll start paying when this blog reaches 20,000 unique readers a day. Until then... muffin?)

  • Tatter-tellers. This means those of you who are really great at spotting mistakes and have incredible grammar skills. Help! When you see mistakes (starting with this very writing), please message me. But let's be discreet, eh? It can be a little embarrassing to have mistakes posted on a comment section. I'm sensitive. But I need help and always appreciate your attention to details. Thank you, in advance.

  • Photographers. I am always looking for updated pictures to throw on here (keeping you in-the-know with every new age-line and wrinkle!) I'd love to give recognition by posting a link to your site.

Here are my most popular posts:

Contact me

I would love to meet you, whether in person (over a cup of tea or coffee – cream, please), via e-mail, Facebook, or this blog. You can contact me here, or shoot an e-mail at

Commenting rules and regs

Be nice. Snarky comments, fowl language and continually negative comments will not be tolerated. I will do my best to make commenting easy, and spammers go away for good on this site.

My blog is not a place of contention and debate for the sake of arguing (healthy debate is fine, but not angry-eyes debate.) I'm fearless when it comes to deleting nasty so if you show a little nasty it's delete-city, my friend. Here's a few hot topics that (for some crazy reason) need extra grace and love when discussing:

  • Diet (Yours and baby's)
  • Vaccinations
  • Labor (Natural, Drug-Free, Hospital, Induction, Ceserean)
  • Breastfeeding VS Bottle Feeding
  • Breastfeeding in Public
  • Stay-At-Home VS Working
  • Sleep Training 
  • Public School VS Homeschool

...and just about every parenting topic out there.

I've found that people are mostly good. Please give them the benefit of the doubt. 

A little about me

How do you sum up yourself up in a few paragraphs? Hm... well...

Made a huge, sudden and God-inspired move to Washington in the summer of 2009 where Peter (the man of my life of 9 years) and I called home for six years before having two kids and pulling the family card and moving back for support. "Hi Mom, it's April... *SOB! Parenting is hard, I want to come back home now, WHAAA!" Something like that. 

I was raised in Paradise, North California. (I mention 'North' because in the North we are too busy stacking firewood to surf.) Asked Jesus into my heart at the age of 2 (could I even speak then?), and again at 4, then 5, 6, and so on, every year, over and over with every "Heaven's Gates and Hell's Flames" play. Went to a private Christian school from K - 12 and have so much to say about this I'm outlining a book on the matter. (Mostly, it was an incredible experience that shaped my life today. But I still have issues picking out what to wear because, alas - no crisp uniform hanging in the closet.)

Graduated late (there's a vote of confidence, eh?), married the man of my dreams, drifted through my 20s asking all the big questions, had our first baby (!!!) just before turning 30 in 2012, and when finally turning 30, breathed a sigh of relief. Whew! Those 20's were tough cookies.

And now, I'm finally accepting the writers crown. No, that's not a fancy award of any kind, and too bad because it would be pretty! Rather, it's the moment one decides they better write because everybody keeps telling them to write, because your e-mails are too long, because your facebook posts are too detailed, and when you take time writing a little story in the 'for' section on your check -- you just know. Plus Grandma thinks I should write, so that seals the deal.

I'm still shrugging into the writer's mantel, trying on the fit, making adjustments here and there. I'm going to make mistakes, but I'm also going to improve. In the meantime...this is too fun!

The End

I'm thrilled you made it to the bottom of this page and wish I had a little badge of appreciation or a chocolate-chip cookie to give you. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for your support, if you're still awake.